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AN: Very randomly, I decided to write something about Male!Belarus and somehow wound up with this…Cutie Fem!Russia FTW! Technically, this is a Male!Belarus x Female!Reader, but I added some very, very subtle hints of Fem!Russia and Female!Reader ‘cuz it’s so cute =O= (okay, not too subtle XD)


“(Name)! (Name)!”

You slammed your locker shut with a bang, startled out of your little reverie. “You scared me, Anya!” You scowled at your Russian best friend, watching as she jogged hurriedly over to you with her long pretty locks of hair flying behind her figure.

“You were daydreaming again, weren’t you?” She looked accusingly at you, narrowing her amethyst eyes and pouting her lips. “And right in the middle of locker break too! You’re lucky we have the same class next period or else you would’ve been late because of all your little daydreaming, da? You’re such a dreamer, (Name)!” Anya giggled now, putting a delicate hand to her mouth.

You rolled your eyes before letting out a little giggle yourself. “C’mon, let’s go before Miss Montello yells at us for being late for Pre-Calculus.” You two link arms and make your merry ways to class.

~ (An Hour Later)! ~

“I can’t believe she assigned us so much homework over the weekend,” you complained to Anya as you two walked out of school,” one hundred problems of pure, mathematically-evil calculations! One hundred and frickin’ ten!” Your eyes nearly bulged in disbelief. “I mean, doesn’t she know that we have a life besides zombie-ing through the school day?”

Anya sighed empathically in agreement. “And that just stacks over the homework that other teachers have assigned us, da?”

“Shoot, don’t we have some that AP Literature project due next Friday?” You asked anxiously. “I’m not even halfway finished!”

“That’s what happens when you procrastinate, подруга (girlfriend).” Anya suddenly broke into an excited smile. “Why don’t you have a sleepover with me tonight? It’s Friday so your parents can’t complain and we can help each other with the Pre-Cal homework.”

“Yeah, totally!” You sent your parents a quick text telling them that you were sleeping over at Anya’s and proceeded to take the reasonably short walk over from school to Anya’s house, smiling and laughing with your friend the entire way.

~ (At Anya’s House) ~

“Мать, Отец, Я дома! (Mother, Father, I’m home!)” Anya called out as she entered her home, taking off her shoes as she did so. You followed her example as always, removing your shoes as well.

“Ah, hello большой брат (big brother)!” Anya was surprised to see her elder brother, Yuri, coming up to greet you both instead of her parents. “Where are Mother and Father?”

Yuri brushed a bit of his soft blonde hair from his eyes before reaching out and giving Anya a tight hug. “Ah-hah, they have taken an impromptu trip of romance for the weekend. Short notice, of course, but that is them, after all.” He lifted his hand to reveal a small post-it note with some words scrawled hastily in Russian on it.

Anya took the note from her brother and read it aloud: “’Going to have some fun Mommy-Daddy time alone and away from you kids! Love you lots!’” The Russian girl groaned and set down her backpack by the coat room. “Ugh, that is them all right!”

“I see you have invited (Name) over?” He smiled in your direction and had you a hug as well. You grinned and hugged him back.

“Hey, Yuri, aren’t you supposed to be at college or something?”

“I left class early today; it’s Friday and there isn’t as much work due as usual so it’s not too much of a crime!” He laughed lightly, casually putting his hand on Anya’s shoulder. “I just wanted to see all of family, but I guess that’s not going to happen!”

His words put a thoughtful expression to your face. “Speaking of which…” You frowned. “Where’s your brother Nikolai? I don’t see him poking around…”

At the mention of her younger brother’s name, Anya immediately let out a squeak of fear and hid behind Yuri. For his part, Yuri shot you a sheepish expression as he put a comforting hand to his sister’s head. “H-He’s not here is he?” Anya gasped out, clutching at her brother’s shirt. You felt a little guilty for bringing up the topic of Nikolai; after all, he DID want to date his own sister.

In the Braginsky household, Nikolai was the odd black sheep. His parents were still heads-over-heels in love with each other, but you supposed that they were just had a deep appreciation of their marriage together. Yuri was so pleasant and kind that you wished he was your older brother and Anya, of course, was your best friend in the world with her pretty face and saccharine personality similar to her older brother but she was also very fun to be around. Nikolai was different from them all. Unlike the rest of his family, who were lively and chatty in character, he was not much of a talker. Instead, he had a very severe, intimidating aura about him and also had a strange thing for knives, often keeping one in the front pocket of the dark grey coat he usually wore or in his backpack (which was wayyyyyy against school regulations =_=””). Nikolai had small, delicate features like Anya did and had really gorgeous blue eyes but they were always twisted into some intense, creepy expression.

His family mostly just tried to ignore his bizarre mania for his sister, saying that (hopefully) it was a phase and that sooner or later it would be done and over with once he found a girl he liked besides Anya. Since he was only a year younger than Anya, you sometimes ran into him at school, doing creepy things i.e. stalking his beloved sister, sharpening his knives behind the school dumpster, or scaring off anyone that came with a 3 foot radius of him. And every time you two met he would always give you this intense angry stare like he wished you would die or something, probably because of the fact that you were Anya’s best friend and the reason she left her house a lot to hang out with you. You usually avoided him because of that, but sometimes you caught yourself pondering about the reclusive, sister-and-knife-obsessed boy, questioning why he was so peculiar. Admittedly, he was not at all bad-looking, but his hostile and ascetic personality was rather off-putting to you and discouraged much interaction…

Yuri patted Anya’s head, a sorry expression on his face. “Don’t be like that, Anya. Yes, Nikolai is here; he came home earlier than the two of you. But I think he was not expecting (Name) to come home with you because he got all sulky and went upstairs when he spotted the you two walking onto the driveway.”

At that, Anya smiled at you and went out from under her older brother’s arm. “Heheh, you scared off Nikolai for me, (Name)?”

You walked to her side, a mock-valiant look on your face. “Yes,” you said seriously,” I’m here to protect, my dearest Anya. Let me be your guardian and no one will bring us apart!” You placed a hand over your heart before breaking into a silly giggling fit.

“Of course, (Name), you are my only hero!” Anya sniggered, throwing her arms around your waist to sandwich yourselves together. “My hero!” She said dramatically, resting her head against your chest with a look of exaggerated adoration on her alabaster face. (AN: YES! MY MOMENT OF FEM!RUSSIA AND FEM!READER HAS BEEN ADDED!)

Yuri chuckled at the ridiculousness that was being played out before him. “You two are so silly,” he said with an affectionate tone well-heard in his voice. “But wasn’t there a reason that you both are having this sleep-over in the first place?”

“Yup! Anya and I are pulling an all-night study session for math!” You bounced up and went over to your backpack. Anya giggled again and also went over to her backpack to get out her things. You unpacked your things from your backpack for a night of difficult math problems only eased by the fact that you were going to do them with your best friend in the world. But unbeknownst to you, a certain Belarusian boy had been watching you from a hidden corner in the room from the moment you stepped inside the Braginsky household.

~ (Later that Night) ~

You let out a long yawn.

“Anya, it’s like eleven o’clock.” You said, checking the time on your phone.

She yawned as well and rubbed at her eyes. “I think we’ve stayed up late enough, da? Watched enough movies about sinking ships and aliens?”

You and Anya had done both of your math homework hours ago in her bedroom; it was rather amazing how fast two people finish when they divide and conquered the work. You two had then proceeded to go down into the basement and spend the most of the time watching The Titanic and Cowboys and Aliens on the Braginsky’s Netflix in the entertainment room while chowing down bowls of buttery popcorn and making silly comments throughout each movie (“Jack could’ve went on the door with Rose, that bastard…” “No, he couldn’t have, dumb-ass, he would’ve just made it sink with his weight!”).

“You want to sleep now? I’m almost ready to fall asleep soon…” Anya gestured to the sleeping bags and pile of pillows you two had amassed around the bedrolls. She yawned again, stretching up her arms as she did so that her light pink nightshirt lifted a little to reveal her soft, pale stomach.

“Oh crap!” Your eyes widened as realization penetrated your foggy, sleep-hazed mind. “I forgot to ask my mom to drop off a pair of pajamas to sleep in!”

Anya laughed, albeit sleepily, sounding like the slow and soft tinkling of little bells. “It’s not problem, (Name). Just grab a t-shirt and a pair of shorts from my room, da?”

“You’re the best, Anya!” You beamed at her before standing up. “Be back in a sec, I’ll just change in your room!”

You went briskly up the stairs into the main floor of the home, sparing a quick glance around the area: dark as hell with only sporadically-placed snowman-shaped nightlights to provide a bit of light. Yuri did say he was going to stay the night and was probably already in bed. As for Nikolai…you bit your lip as you continued your way up another flight of stairs to the bedrooms; with any luck, he was also asleep…IN HIS OWN BEDROOM. The last time you had a sleepover here, you and Anya were forced to sleep in the entertainment room because Nikolai had decided to come in her room in the middle of the night and wouldn’t leave. As much as he did make you wonder, Nikolai kind of weirded you out with his obsession with his sister and knives so you would hate to encounter him now in the dark of night.

Finally, you fumbled your way into Anya’s bedroom, not bothering to turn on her lights because you’d already memorized the way it was after spending many afternoons doing homework and sharing secrets on her bed. Anyways, your eyes had already adjusted to the dark by now so when you went over to her dresser, you picked out a light-teal-and-white baseball tee with mid-length sleeves and short, black volleyball shorts. As an afterthought, you reached into the dresser again to pull out a pair of woolen socks, remembering how cold it got sometimes downstairs.

Taking a small breath, you slumped over a bit as you began to change, starting first with your shirt. The air felt cool against your previously-covered torso and you squealed a little at the chill. Now that your top was off, only a lacy lavender bra covered your chest. You were about to remove your bottom when you realized that a pair of azure eyes were staring at your from across the bedroom. A screech of surprise immediately escaped your lips as you frantically put your hands to your chest in a rather pathetic attempt to cover it.

Worse even, those eyes began to advance towards you at an alarming speed. “(Name)!” They hissed. You let out another cry of fear as you backpedaled on shaky legs before tripping backwards onto Anya’s bed. The eyes followed you onto the bedspread until they were mere inches from your own fearful (e/c) eyes.

“N-Nikolai…?!” You rasped out in a trembling voice.

“Why are you here in sister’s room? And changing into her clothes?!” His silvery-blonde hair fell in wisps around his thin face, framing his enraged blue eyes. You felt his bony fingers manacle themselves forcefully around your wrists. “Answer me!” He hissed in a low, angry tenor. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw something that made your stomach turn into a pit of ice: a glint of sharp steel hanging out of his coat pocket.

You were stunned by Nikolai’s rage; never had you been confronted by such deadly resentment…the lividness on his face was full-blown and indubitably sincere. Never once had you doubted his fanatical obsession over his sister and the hatred he probably held for you as Anya’s closet friend, but this was insane! He was straight-up assaulting you! Yet, all you could feel was plain terror instead of righteous fury; this teenager was pure crazy and his authenticity scared you. You had seen him use his knife before when he got irritated at something, the accuracy and precision Nikolai had as he threw them: he never once missed his target, which had usually been the nearest inanimate thing to the person he actually wanted to mutilate. He could probably kill you with his knife before you had one scream out. Your fear that Nikolai would hurt you if you didn’t answer was the only thing that unlocked your frozen vocal cords.

“I-I forgot my own p-pajamas at m-my house,” you choked out. “I w-was just b-borrowing some of An-Anya’s clothes t-to sleep in! Th-that’s all, I s-swear! I h-haven’t even p-put on her cl-clothes yet!” Nikolai’s cobalt eyes narrowed, weighing your words. “L-look at me if you don’t be-believe me, for Pete’s sake!” Your voice was hoarse so your shouting at him was barely above a whisper.

He actually listened, though, and he dropped his furious gaze to scan your body, which made you both relieved and mortified. Relieved, because you didn’t know how much more of that intense staring you could’ve taken but mortified because of the fact that you pretty much gave Nikolai the o-k to ogle your almost-bare top and body. …Not that it should matter much anyway since he’s only after Anya…you thought almost immediately after.

You were instantly broken out of your thoughts when you felt Nikolai’s hand touch your exposed stomach. “Wh-what are you-“You were silenced by the harsh gaze of his eyes, but saw that they had a look of bewilderment to them, baffling you yourself despite your fright. His touch became a grappled hold on your hip that you felt much discomforted by but was too frightened and unable to pull his hand away.

“You’re…you’re not wearing any of dear sister’s clothes…” Nikolai muttered with uncertainty. “Then why…why do you smell just like her…”

“W-what are you-“You began but was cut off by Nikolai putting his face to the crook of your neck in an instantaneous movement. “Ni-Nikolai!” You cried out in alarm.

He ignored you and buried his nose at the junction where your collarbones nearly met, all the while breathing frantically in hot, quick breaths. “…That same…warmth…”

You were horribly aware of his hand sliding up your ribcage as he spoke. He could most likely feel the racing pulse of your steadily accelerating heart beat; what was he going to do to you? Yet, you couldn’t seem to push the boy off your person. Not yet…

His nose was currently gliding up the side of your neck, brushing against the tension line. His other hand that kept your hands pinned was slowly loosening as Nikolai spun further into his mad little trance…”And…that same sweet fragrance…” His breath was fanning over your chest in curls, raising goose bumps on your body. You knew that you would have to break from him at his weakest point lest something very, very bad happened to you.

“So light…floral…gentle like sister dear…” Nikolai’s fingers were ghosting over your breasts, which thankfully were still covered by your bra, but now his nose was just skimming the fine contour of your jaw line and you were almost certain that his lips were purposely touching your chin. But his grip was loosening to the point where you could break free…just a little more…

Nikolai’s face was now over yours and you looked away, for if you looked you would surely be frozen in terror and lose the guts to try and escape his grip. “But…you hate me too…why?” His voice suddenly broke at the end and you felt something warm and wet plip gently on your face. You looked down and saw a single glistening tear on your cheek. Is that a tear…? Surprised, you turned to face him. Nikolai is… crying…?

The guy who was acting like a crazed psychopath only a moment ago was now silently quaking as tears streamed uncontrollably from his face and onto your cheeks. “…just like my own sister I love so much…you hate me just like she does…” His hand completely disappeared from your wrists, now curled into a shaking fist on the headboard of the bed. This was your chance to shove him off yourself and call the fuck for help! But that look on his face… it was pure, heart-stricken sadness and it rended at your sympathetic heartstrings…

Without a single thought, you extended your hand towards him to cup the side of his face, forcing him to look straight at you; all traces of fear had left you, and you were left with a surprising sense of calm compassion. You stared directly into his watery sapphire eyes; never had they looked as striking as the tears kept on flowing from them. Stripped of his scary exterior, you could see Nikolai for what he really was: lonely and sensitive. He was never good at expressing himself, and his inability to do so made him alienated from others. Loneliness had made him cling to the brightest, sweetest thing in his life but pushed him away; his sensitivity shielded by self-put barriers of detachment and hate. And despite what he did and could’ve done to you, you felt bad for him.

“What?” He whispered in a hoarse voice. He took your concentrated staring as one of deep loathing. “You want to hit me now for what I’ve done? Hurt me? Go ahead…I don’t care. Use this. I can’t do anything now.”

You felt a small object pressed into hand; looking down, you saw that Nikolai had given you his own knife to harm him with. You could see it twinkle sickeningly in the dark.

A feeling of disgust passed over you and right away you threw the sharp thing to the floor. “Idiot…” you finally replied. “I don’t hate you…” A look of astonishment came up on Nikolai’s face. You reached up and pulled him into a tight embrace filled with sympathy and feeling.

“Neither does Anya…no one hates you…we might be afraid of you, but that’s only because of that farce you put on. I know you’re lonely; I can see it in your eyes. But it’s time to let go of that clinginess and fear of being alone because you’re not. There are so many people around you that care about you, but you have to let them in first. It’s time to start loving your sister the right way and letting us help you…please, Nikolai…” Tears of emotion began to well up in your own eyes as you held the boy close to you.

His only response to hold you tighter, and you both stayed like that the entire night, just wrapped in each other’s arms.

~ (The Next Morning) ~

You woke up with a start; you had had a strange dream that Nikolai had held you hostage but ended up crying with you having to comfort him…

Then you comprehended a heavy weight was in your arms. Looking down, you saw Nikolai sleeping peacefully in your hold. A small gasp escaped your lips; had all of that really happened last night? Your eyes searched the room surrounding you for confirmation: your top was wrinkled on the floor, the pj’s you never got to change into sitting on the dresser, and you were presently lying on Anya’s bed with her younger brother. Yes, that event had definitely occurred.

Suddenly, Nikolai awoke with a jolt. “(Name)!” He glanced wildly around for a moment before realizing you were there right in front of him. His blue eyes widened. “You actually stayed with me…” His mouth twisted into a small, crooked smile that made your heart unexpectedly race for some reason.

“That’s right, I did.” You smiled and sat up, slowly releasing your hold on him. “I think we should head down and greet Anya and Yuri good morning.” As you spoke, you hurriedly put your top back on, not wanting to be indecent.

Nikolai nodded in agreement, although you could tell he was a bit nervous: he was chewing his bottom lip and wringing his slim fingers together. Could this really be the same Nikolai from yesterday and time ago? You chuckled and slid off the bed.

“C’mon, let’s go, Nikolai.” You entwined your fingers in his, and the two of you made your ways down the stairs, hand in hand.

When you went down to the main floor and entered the kitchen, an expectant Anya was waiting for you at the table, with Yuri cooking something at the stove.

“(Nameeeeee), I can’t believe you just left me downstairs all cold and all by myself-“She whined, but abruptly cut off when she saw Nikolai enter the kitchen as well.

“Oh-” Anya’s face went white and she began to visibly tremble.

You opened your mouth to speak, but immediately shut it, instead looking at Nikolai. He looked back at you apprehensively, but you only nodded.

Hand still in yours, he made a careful step forth and said,” Good morning, sister. I just wanted to tell you that I’m not going to stalk or creep you out anymore.”

Anya’s face became one of shock and relief; Yuri dropped the frying pan in surprise and actually turned around to look at his younger brother.

Nikolai smiled, pleased by their mostly positive reaction, and continued,” Because I love you, Anya. But not the way I used to. I don’t have to love you like that anymore; I want to love you, Yuri, and our parents like a family does. And besides, I have (Name).” He leaned towards you and put his lips to yours.

Your face turned a flaming red; you had absolutely not expected that to come out of Nikolai’s mouth. Regardless, you kissed him back, dropping his hand so you could put your hands on his face as Nikolai wrapped his arms around your waist.

“H-hey!” Yuri had a sweat drop on his forehead. “No more kissing until we’ve all had breakfast!” He jerked his head at the table. “I have eggs and sausage coming!”

You giggled and broke away from Nikolai, who growled quietly at the lost of oral contact. “Behave,” You grinned, grabbing his hand again.

Anya, who had been quiet the entire time, finally spoke up. “Gah, am I going to call a priest for the wedding in here! (Name) and Nikolai kissing in a tree, da? How did this happen in just one night? That I slept through?!” Her face was radiant with laughter and joy. It made you so happy to see your best friend’s apparent approval. “Just don’t try and take (Name) from me, little brother,” she pouted, before giving him a sisterly wink. “I’m still first place in (Name’s) heart!”

He smirked back at her as he took both of your hands. “We’ll see about that, dear sister!”

You only laughed at their absurdity, as did Yuri: who knew one night of math problems with your best friend could lead to not only healing the broken bond between siblings but also getting a sweet and sensitive boyfriend like Nikolai? If one hundred Pre-Cal math problems meant miracles like these, maybe mathematics weren’t so bad after all…

…Ah, who are you kidding? Math still sucks no matter what!
I put the translations in parenthesis right after the words because I think it's annoying if you have to switch between the story and the description just to see the translations. Sorry if anything is translated wrong (google translate is a fail); if you're fluent and notice translation errors, don't hesitant to comment on it.

This is old Hetalia trash I wrote, but I'm keeping it around 'cuz people like it for some reason.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya :iconhimaruyaplz:

A lot has changed these years- I happen to enjoy statistical math as of now; I mean, interpreting data and testing hypotheses? Fun!
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Math is of the devil
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but, b-but, but i love math!...*whimpers. eyes water* why do so many fanfics make me hate math when i took calculus my senior year?!?!
but since you gave me Nikolai, forgive you, Author-senpai
TimberWulfe Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I couldn't help but squeal. And I absolutely love how you show Nikolai's true emotions because I have that same headcanon too! This is definitely on my list of fanfics to read again~
Floridadaawesome Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
yes! it is so true math sucks! I love this 
RebeccaValentine Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Writer
That ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 
AnimeAddict212 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
God I love this sooooo much. Awesome job on it!
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